Monday, June 23, 2014

Keep Earth Colorful - because renewable energy preserves more colors than just green

The inspiration behind this project comes from an outdated term, "going green". The word has lost its meaning; perhaps it has gained new meaning as a utopian image that only the most naive or young hippies can adhere to. Going green meant keeping our blue marble the way it was.

Fortunately, the days of flower-headbanded hippies is past, and so are the days of longing for realistic potential for renewable energies. With technology and prices making strides unlike ever before, wind and solar energies are on a level playing field with coal power, and soon natural gas and nuclear. People across the world are starting to turn to renewable energy not because it's flashy, ethical, or cool, but rather because it makes sense.

Renewables won't just keep the earth green, they'll help keep the whole earth colorful. I present: the Keep Earth Colorful campaign.

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