Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Welcome to Enlightened Energy

“You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find it within himself.” -Galileo

Welcome to Enlightened Energy, a blog dedicated to opening its readers' eyes to things they did not see before. While I am  studying Cartography and Atmospheric Sciences at Wisconsin, readers can expect to see and learn new things about our world, its people, and how we interact with it.


No one is denying the fact that there is only so much goal, oil, and gas in our Earth. The current strategy of the energy industry is search and exploit- find the new oil, "drill baby drill", then use it to our advantage. As time goes on, this strategy will become less and less effective and instability- economic, political, and possibly even geological- will rise.

Enlightened Energy is about discussing all types of energy: clean, dirty, and sometimes outright ugly.

Enlightened Energy will discuss the newest of the news in the energy industry, including everything from oil to nuclear, solar to politics, and prices to problems. Expect to learn the basics of how humanity's use of energy is changing in real time, including coverage on new policies, editorials on economic trends, and news of breakthroughs of the newest technologies.


Maps are pretty cool things. According to Penn State University, 80% of all information computers now process contains a location component. With maps, we can get a glimpse of where things are and hopefully get a better understanding. They also make for great complements to infographs.
Maps allow us to "see" numbered information. The Excel sheet this data came from would hardly mean anything to you, but in map form, you can see there is a definite cause for concern.

Not all maps are created equal. Both show temperature, but you can tell much more from the second map than the first.
You can expect lots of fun, interactive, and interesting maps covering a wide range of topics with Enlightened Energy. 


Agriculture is a $3 trillion industry. The most common crop loss is not insects or animals, but drought, frost, or rain. The weather affects our daily lives in numerous ways, from energy markets in the Middle East, to transport chains across the ocean and skies, and even down to Little League games in Smalltown, USA. Enlightened Energy will explore the quirks, trends, and news of atmospheric sciences.
If apples were as big as Earth, their peels would be twice as thick as the atmosphere.
Weather brings forth some of the most fascinating and terrifying parts of nature. It is also something we all as humans relate to. We all at times have the urge to tweet or post about the first snow, a crazy snow, or a prayer out to victims of a hurricane. Similarly, entire religions have been formed by humanity's fascination of what goes on above our heads.

With Enlightened Energy, I can only hope that what you read inspires you to view the world in a different light than you had before. So once again welcome and thank you for reading.

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